DBE, MWBE and Other Socio-Economic Program Development

General Contractors – Hire Strategically

Metro Strategies matches great organizations of all sizes with the right projects. We have the flexibility and experience to create real and practical strategies for General Contractors to hire and develop partnerships with capable small businesses.

Metro strategies works with general contractors, municipalities, contract granting entities, state departments of transportation and corporate entities. We work one-on-one with organizations to efficiently complete projects and find untapped potential in smaller companies in their respective fields. We vet, organize and prepare small businesses to work directly with you on your large-scale projects.

Small Business – Prepare for Opportunity

Metro Strategies helps organizations leverage their experience to remain current and shows businesses the tools they need to remain competitive in their respective industry.

We are paving the way to a friendlier business environment for historically underutilized businesses, disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) and small businesses. Metro Strategies promotes readiness for these entities to seize opportunities now. We aid in workforce development and recruitment so businesses are contenders for larger contracts.