Harmonie Park Holdings (HPH)

Metro Strategies was recruited by Harmonie Park Holdings (HPH) to develop a robust and comprehensive local workforce development plan that will create real and lasting economic stimulus for small and minority businesses focusing on the construction arena. This partnership was developed to competitively bid for the newly proposed Paradise Valley Cultural and Entertainment District (PVCED). PVCED will be a functional, modern community for the 21st Century that includes living spaces and commercial spaces through strategic investments and development. Harmonie Park Holdings is an investment and real estate investment company focused on acquiring and revitalizing investment-grade properties in Detroit, MI and the surrounding metropolitan area. The team has extensive experience with property redevelopment, management and investment. We work with some of the best local vendors and contractors in the region. The City of Detroit continues to offer many distressed properties in need of revitalization. As the market continues to improve, Metro Strategies and Harmonie Park Holdings plans to continue making strategic investments including recruiting and using a local workforce to build communities where people can live, work and enjoy the best Detroit has to offer. We are determined to make a positive impact on the city by providing modern spaces to meet the needs of Detroit’s residents and thriving business community.